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First Draft

words + art by: Paul Bernabe


So many people are faked out by fake news. But let’s be real, when something looks really, really official, it can be hard to tell the real from the fake. People like to think that they’re pretty savvy. But how can we make people experience fake news for themselves?

Did You Know?

We’ll run a series of ads showcasing official-looking, but eyebrow-raising factoids from an organization called “The Free Association of Knowing Everything.”

The Reveal

Later on, reveal that the ads were fake, and encourage people to pay closer attention.

Mr. Thymes

How much more “official” can the fakeness get?
Could we convince tourists in Times Square that the original name came from a mob boss named Jonathan Thymes?

What’s In a Name?

A time-based execution where viewers from around the world get a taste of misinformation.